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Supercharge Your Life, the Fit Way.

Our MFL group fitness classes turn boring, half-hearted, fluffing-about-not-sure-what-I’m-doing exercises (👋 we’ve all been there!) and I-hope-I’m-doing-this right workouts into seriously WOW(!) sessions that are sure to supercharge your lifestyle, the fit and fun way.  


We specialise in providing expert guidance, modifications and adjustments in each of our timetabled classes and personal training sessions. We also pride ourselves on being a boutique fitness studio - which means you can reach your goals without floor-to-ceiling mirrors, intimidating machinery or the competitiveness that are part of the deal with stereotypical gyms.


Lock in a love of working out, with a range of timetabled classes to suit your schedule, fitness level and capabilities. It’s time to supercharge your life, the Milestone Fitlife way!


Have Fun Exercising, Right Here, Right Now.

Things you can STOP doing:

  • Feeling guilty for not having the time, energy or skill-set to create a healthy lifestyle, without help.

  • Being disappointed in yourself and your lack of progress in achieving your lifestyle goals, despite your desire to make meaningful changes.

  • The juggling act of balancing family responsibilities and work with personal fitness goals.

  • Throwing your hands in the air and giving up - because what if you try and it’s too hard? Or you don’t know what you’re doing? Or you’re not as fit as you once were? Or you look and feel different to what you imagined, leaving you with a serious case of low self-esteem, a long, heavy sigh, and not much else.


Instead, enjoy an explosion of energy that has you bouncing out of bed with an irrepressible grin and a mindset to smash your goals! Greet your fellow MFL-ers with confidence and a happy little wave, knowing you’ve not only found your fitness, you’ve found your people! 


Soon you’ll be able to reflect on your amazing progress throughout your fitness journey. 


Soon you’ll be able to smile looking at your strong, healthy, capable, beautiful body and what it can do, because YOU FOUND YOUR FIT! 


Feel overwhelmingly proud of yourself - of what you’ve always envisioned and what you’ve been able to achieve. And know that your mind, body and soul are all becoming more powerful, everyday you gift yourself with the joy of a Milestone Fitlife.  

Get Fit & Conquer Your Milestones.


You won’t have to know how to do a jab-jab-hook on Day One.  And you won’t have to learn the difference between a pistol, standard or sumo squat or any of  the other fitness jargon you may have heard. (But we can teach you, if you want!) 


All you have to do is get yourself into the Milestone Fitlife studio, and smile as you realise that putting yourself and your health first doesn’t have to mean slaving away alone - unsure of what or how to do it right. It can simply mean committing to your own fitness milestones in the fun, safe and friendly company of your fellow MFL-ers. 

Just have a talk to the friendly staff at MFL and give group fitness classes a go! Relax, knowing you can build your confidence and model a healthy lifestyle for your family in a studio that celebrates every one of your milestones and successes WITH YOU! 


Come as you are, knowing you’ve found your fit and your people at Milestone Fitlife.


We can’t wait to welcome you into our family-friendly fitness community!

Starting FEB 2024 Timetable Final (1).png

MFL has really taught me that living a great life is about so much more than losing weight - it’s about feeling beautiful in my own skin. 


Both Jackie & Carley emphasise just how much my body can do that I can be proud of. 


Now, my fitness focus is on striving to beat my own goals rather than being a certain size or shape. 


I could never imagine training anywhere other than MFL.

Tiff (29)

Proud MFL Member

Thank you so much! You honestly are a massive part of where I am today.

I am so proud of myself because of all your support.

Arielle (30) 

Proud MFL Member

From the moment you step foot in the studio, it feels like a welcoming, supportive, buzzing little community of good vibes. 


Jackie & Carley have given Leongatha exactly what it needs - an encouraging space to fall in love with fitness, practice correct technique and learn how to meet and exceed your own expectations. 


This is what having fun and getting fit is all about!

Kate (41)

Proud MFL Member

Come As You Are

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