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You know what’s the worst? When you try so hard to improve your health and fitness—but then unexpected challenges crop up (Remote Learning, Lockdown, a global health crisis, need we go on?!), and family priorities take precedence, and next-level tiredness from trying to balance it all seems to have become a permanent state of play, leaving you totally and utterly exhausted.


Here’s what we often see with our clients:

  • They’ve had a negative “experience” at a big gym where no one knew their name or even one of their fitness goals.

  • Juggling family responsibilities or childcare needs stopped them from being able to attend a group fitness class or establish a consistent exercise routine.

  • Trying every quick-fix challenge and crash diet, and not seeing any real progress, has left them in a state of constant disappointment with very little confidence or self-love to be seen.

And you know what that means? 

  • Associating fitness with feelings of being intimidated, disempowered and defeated.  

  • Feeling like exercise can’t happen while they have a young family to look after (What if you could take a group fitness class AND take your kids with you?!).

  • Creating fitness habits, setting goals and milestones, and monitoring progress can be time consuming and requires commitment.

This is precisely why we got into business: because we know that we can show you how to overcome all of the above, and so much more. 

We’re a fitness studio that specialises in helping busy people to develop a love of working out and finding their fit, and we know two things to be true: 


(1.) You don’t want to be locked into an expensive years-long membership contract;

(2.) You don’t want to feel overwhelmed, uncomfortable and intimidated while you embark on your fitness journey. 



What do we have? 


Real fitness solutions for real people.


Fitness is the one lifestyle factor that impacts your mindset, your relationships (with yourself and your loved ones), and dramatically influences the quality of your life. The time you invest in your fitness can determine whether or not you live a life you love..or one you keep wishing was different, better, healthier and more fulfilling.


Because that’s the thing, isn’t it? All you need to do is fall in love with your fitness journey, then you’ll reach every one of your milestones with confidence, joy and a zest for the life you’ve built!


That’s exactly why we’ve established Milestone Fitlife, so you can find your fit and fall in love with achieving your fitness milestones (without lock-in contracts, or the “vibe” so often associated with the fitness industry).

  • Our members LOVE group fitness classes no matter their fitness levels, age, capabilities or limitations - because exercise modifications and alternatives are included in every session (along with loads of encouragement and support!).

  • Our members feel known, seen and welcome from the moment they first step into the studio, because we pride ourselves on building a family-friendly fitness community above anything else. 

  • Our members also feel so much more confident, happy and empowered to reach their fitness milestones, because they have the expert guidance and encouragement of our friendly Milestone Fitlife team.

All you need is to find your fitness.


Come as you are to check out the Milestone Fitlife studio. Find your fit AND your people in the heart of lovely Leongatha. 


A Note on Our Founders


Jackie Bowman and Carley Nelson - AKA “The Brains Behind the Family-Friendly Fitness Movement” - are fitness experts, busy mums to young families, and co-founders of Milestone Fitlife: the family-friendly fitness studio that encourages members to fall in love with exercising and leading a healthy life.


Jackie & Carley know how difficult it is to juggle family commitments and fitness goals (they have 7 gorgeous kids between them!), which is exactly why they founded Milestone Fitlife. They wanted to create a supportive space to focus on fitness that was highly inclusive of:

  • Men & women from all walks of life, fitness levels, ages and capabilities;

  • Teens looking to find a type of fitness that they can fall in love with; and

  • Parents with young children in need of supervision. 

Realising that South Gippsland locals would be more inclined to exercise if they could be part of an inclusive community, Jackie & Carley began running pop-up group fitness classes in the local park (and LIVE classes that members could join from their living rooms during the pandemic). The feedback from attendees of all ages and fitness levels was resounding: WE LOVE THIS! 


Milestone Fitlife officially opened its studio doors in mid 2021.


Both Jackie & Carley hold advanced qualifications in Boxing, Pre & Post Natal Fitness, Pilates, Aquatics and more. As certified Personal Trainers, fitness instructors, small business owners and advocates for setting and achieving fitness milestones, Jackie & Carley are #fitgoals personified. 


They love nothing more than helping clients to set personalised, realistic, sustainable and achievable milestones. They also understand the importance of encouraging a healthy relationship with fitness - empowering clients to focus on what amazing things their body CAN do, instead of focusing on what they think their body ‘should’ do.

Come As You Are
(Knowing You’ve Found Your Fit AND Your People)

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