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MFL Membership and 'MyClub Fitness' App

  • Casual Membership $14.00 per class

  • Weekly Direct Debit Membership $16.99 unlimited classes

  • Weekly Personal Training Direct debit Membership $69.00 with unlimited classes. 

  • 2:1 Weekly Personal Training Direct Debit Membership $45.00 each Client with Unlimited classes

  • 10 Week Block Membership $169.00 Unlimited classes.

'MyClub Fitness'

This app is something that will make it easy for us to communicate directly to you, keep records of attendance, anticipate class numbers to deliver a more personal service and will keep you accountable to your bookings, yay!
This app is something that our participants must have. 

Here is how to sign up, casually or as a member:

- Download the app 'MyClub Fitness' via your app store

- Select 'Register Now?' and search "Milestone FitLife" and select "Leongatha" 

- Select "Join Our Club" it will then take you to choose the best option for you. 

- If you are attending casually, you can click on select Casual Passport - Prepaid or Casual Passport - Cash/Eftpos on arrival.

- If you would like to sign up for our ongoing membership with no lock in term, select The MFL membership that suits you. For Master/Visa a 1.6% surcharge will apply and for Amex/Diners a 3.5% surcharge will apply

*Your first direct debit will come out on Wednesday and, your first payment will be prorate if you sign up on another day. 

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