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Want to take your fitness to the next level and experience an amazing workout? Look no further than Boxing! This full body workout will help you find your fit and have fun. Working out with a partner and using boxing gloves and pads, you'll learn safe boxing moves and correct techniques, all while getting a great cardio workout. 

[60 minutes] 


Looking for a workout that’ll push your limits? Then HIIT is for you (High Intensity Interval Training). This high intensity class will have you dripping with sweat in no time. With a combination of cardio and resistance training that targets all major muscle groups, you’ll get a brilliant full-body workout in just 30 minutes. Supercharge your fitness and have a blast in this fun and dynamic class.

[30 minutes]


Using barbells and weight plates, this class focuses on muscular endurance and strength and will have you feeling the burn!
[45 minutes]


Pilates is the perfect way to tone and condition your body. This total body conditioning mat class focuses on controlled breathing and precision of movement to stretch and strengthen every muscle. Our Pilates classes also use equipment such as, balls, bands and magic circles! You'll tone and condition your entire body, working from the core outwards.

[45 minutes]



This low impact mat class supports new mums to focus on controlled breathing and total body conditioning. With experienced trainers to guide and modify your posture and technique, you can enjoy a safe and effective full body workout through Pilates.

[45 minutes]


A high energy workout focused on improving cardio fitness and strength, Step Aerobics is a great way to have fun moving to music. This class is fantastic for all fitness levels and modifications can easily be made to help you reach your fitness goals, the fun and safe way.

[45 minutes]



Focus on your breathing and introduce mindfulness into your day with our beautiful Yoga class. This class will help your mind be present as you stretch, strengthen and lengthen your muscles.

[45 minutes]



Yoga Kids 

A Yoga class targeted for children to help increase their body awareness with focus of breath, and control of their bodies.

[40 minutes]

Fit For Life

A over 50's class focusing on the basic foundations of physical fitness: balance, flexibility, strength and heart/lung efficiency (cardio fitness). Activities are low impact and can be modified to suit all fitness levels.

[45 minutes]

Strength & Power

This class would emphasizing on explosive movements and heavy lifting to increase both strength and speed. Expect a combination of compound exercises and plyometric movements designed to enhance muscle power and overall  

[30 minutes]

Always check our social media for POP UP Classes. 

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