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Who, what and where is Milestone FitLife?

Milestone FitLife is a fitness studio located in Leongatha, Victoria. We aim to be ‘real’ in a superficial industry. Whether you're brand new to exercise or you've been at it for years, we'll help find the right fit for your lifestyle and goals. With an emphasis on personalised service and attention to detail, Milestone FitLife offers you real fitness solutions! 


Come as you are to Milestone Fitlife, where you’ll find your fit and your people.

How much does it cost per week?

Milestone FitLife has a range of memberships to suit your needs. You can:


  • Book a casual class pass for just $14.


  • Secure a weekly membership with unlimited access to our group fitness classes for $16.99 (direct-debited weekly).


  • Prioritise your fitness goals with 1:1 personal training, priced from $69 per session. With complimentary unlimited pass to group fitness.

What facilities are available at Milestone FitLife?

Everything you need to supercharge your life - the fit way - is available at Milestone FitLife, including group fitness classes and Personal Training. We also offer wellness programs and events, as well as online live-streaming classes for members beyond the local Leongatha community. (Please speak to one of our trainers for more information regarding upcoming events.)


The MFL studio includes ample parking, amenities facilities and the option to bring your little ones along to particular scheduled group classes. See our timetable to learn about our child-friendly classes, or speak directly to the MFL trainers for more information. (Link to TIMETABLE here)


*** PLEASE NOTE: Childcare is not provided at MFL, but you are more than welcome to bring your little ones to our child-friendly classes. Supervision of  children during group fitness classes remains the sole responsibility of the carer, not Milestone FitLife staff or other group fitness participants. 

What are MFL’s operating hours?

Because Milestone FitLife is a boutique fitness studio, we pride ourselves on providing fully-supervised onsite support. This means that the studio is only accessible during scheduled group fitness classes and for Personal Training purposes.


Please also note that MFL is not open on public holidays.

What will my first few visits be like?

There’s no need to feel nervous when you first step foot inside Milestone FitLife Studio. One of the friendly MFL trainers will be there to greet you and guide you every step of the way to finding your healthy self.


Whether you are looking for a supportive space to focus on fitness that’s highly inclusive of:

  • Men & women from all walks of life, fitness levels, ages and capabilities;

  • Teens looking to find a type of fitness that they can fall in love with, without all the expectations; 

  • Parents with young children in need of access to child-friendly class;

  • Pregnant women looking for safe pre/post natal classes.


And whether you’re:

  • A long-time lover of the fit life; or

  • Trying to figure out what type of fitness is “so you”; or 

  • Ready to set and achieve serious fitness goals…


…Milestone FitLife is the place for you! Greet your fellow MLF-ers with confidence and a happy little wave, knowing you’ve not only found your fitness, you’ve found your people! 


Soon you’ll be able to reflect on your amazing progress throughout your fitness journey. And know that your mind, body and soul are all becoming more powerful, everyday you gift yourself with the joy of a Milestone Fitlife. Relax, knowing the MFL team will be right there with you to celebrate your milestones and successes, every step of the way.

What do I wear and what do I bring with me?

Milestone FitLife’s motto is ‘Come As You Are’ for a reason. It’s not about fashion in the studio - it’s about feeling confident and ready to find your fit. You just need to make sure you’re wearing comfortable, breathable clothing and good quality footwear (except in Pilates - where we are all barefoot). Bring along a towel and a bottle of water and you’re all set! 

Still have questions or want to provide feedback? Email us directly at:

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